Thursday, June 16, 2011

big boat. big lake. big family.

There aren't too many memories I can recall that stand out more than family trips to Lake Powell. Since we were kids, we've trekked almost yearly to Page Arizona and launched upwards of 50 Bluths onto one of the best places on earth. The water level has risen and fallen over the years, the cost of gas has just risen, our dads all have bad backs now, and the accommodations have certainly upgraded, but the best part has always been floating in this magical canyon with the people I love most. This year was no exception, and about 50 Bluths piled onto 2 houseboats for an epic weekend of fun.

In the good old days, you usually couldn't catch cell service from most spots on the lake. That isn't the case anymore thanks Verizon...So I solved this problem by leaving my cell phone at a gas station in Filmore. Oops. It was an accident, but I was more than happy to not check my Blackberry for a few days.

The absolute best part of this week, in addition to seeing a bunch of cousins, was our early morning ski sessions with my dad. 5 a.m. comes early, but the water is oh-so-fine. And the look on my dad's face when he got up on a slalom after all these years? Priceless.

Christy's a champ.
Kimberly. On top of the world.

Water's a little chilly this morning.


  1. Lauren dear, how I missed being with all you "family" at Powell! The memories I have of being there with you guys are priceless, so I was so disappointed to not get to go this year! I'm so happy that your family were all there, and especially that your dad was able to go skiing each morning! After talking to Grandma, she said that was her biggest joy of the trip! You are a heroine to me! Keep being you! I love you, Aunt Jacque

  2. that may be the biggest ski I've ever seen...and some beautiful water....and the fact that your dad will jump up at five am kinda makes me like him a lot. Just sayin.

  3. Josh, now you know why I could get up! I think I owe you a Powell trip in exchange for "the cabin".

    Aunt Jacque! I missed you so much on this trip. Some of my favorite memories of Powell are with you, hands down.