Sunday, May 22, 2011

26 + 1

I had a birthday this year, and I've only said the number out loud maybe 4 times so far and I try really hard to not think about it. And I just found out from another friend in marketing that I fall into the age bracket targeted for premature aging products. Wah.

But, Karla sent me some pictures from my bday dinner at La Jolla Groves and it gave me a new perspective. Every birthday means another year that I have been lucky enough to be friends with these girls. And that is something for which to be grateful. Also, anyone know a good anti-wrinkle cream?

Monday, May 16, 2011

uh uh baby eggs

A few years ago when we hiked Havasupai, Karla made up a little song about my favorite animal: baby horses (also known as ponies...) but it went something like this: "uh uh baby horse". And we sang this song all the way down the trail as we passed all the baby horses. Which weren't really horses at all, but mules. But no matter. Every once in a while this little diddy pops into my head at the most random time and I am sure anyone within the range of my voice thinks I'm a nut.


I woke up to the best news via gmail ever this week! After a painful, complicated and expensive ordeal Jackie and I dealt with over the Buwala chicken coop, we received word that the chickens finally laid some freaking eggs!

Read this in a cute little Ugandan accent. From Paul: It is true that two eggs were found in the coup on Friday, then on Saturday, four eggs and Sunday five eggs, and i was told that the birds will be adding on eggs slowly by slowly until they are completely grown up.

So laying there in my bed reading my blackberry I did a little dance and sang a little song: Uh uh baby eggs! Uh uh baby eggs! (Also known as chicks). And I sang that all day. And I'm so happy. And then my heart hurt because I miss my friends and the kids. But I am so happy that they are starting this new chapter of what I hope and pray will be financial self-reliance.

And then I ate eggs for breakfast, even though they'll technically be selling theirs to pay for the kids school fees, but still, what an amazing day.

Fahad blowing bubbles.
With the kids in the garden.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

{librarians} know how to party

A lot of people seem to aspire to plan events. I didn't. But as it turns out, I'm kind of good at it. Just kidding. But really. My latest escapade was a user group party for our customers at a conference in Phoenix. I was excited to get a chance to go home, and it didn't hurt that April is the PERFECT month to visit Arizona. I headed down a couple of days early to spend the weekend with my sister and we spent the day shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Did I mention AZ is perfect in April? It was a good thing I spent a couple of days relaxing though because the rest of the week was just plain nuts. I bought myself an official pair of "conference shoes" (black glitter TOMS) and checked into the Sheraton Sunday night, and spent the rest of the week literally running around.

Have I mentioned our customers our librarians? If you don't know a librarian of your very own, they are honestly the most random slice of the population you could ever imagine. Do they love books? Yes. Do they love to drink? A lot. Do they party like it's 1999? Hells yeah.

Enter Club BLUE. Hands down the highlight of the conference and week, our event was quite possibly the funnest party I've ever been to, let alone thrown. Have you ever hula hooped on a glowing dance floor with your librarian? Yep. And one of the best parts about not drinking is remembering exactly what everyone else acted like the morning after. So when I get bored/stressed/frustrated at work now I just look at our corporate Facebook page and watch the video footage and photos of this bizarrely epic evening. Oh, and remember how my boss jumped into the DJ booth wearing a jersey, fake tattoos and face paint.

And as if the week couldn't have gotten any better, to cap it off I celebrated Earth Day with the Reynas at Cibo Pizzeria. Heaven.

View of PHX from the Sheraton

Shops across the street-Sam's Cafe-I recomend it!

Someone took a picture of me taking pictures of the set up.

Pretty lounge furniture I never sat on.

The food I didn't have time to try.

The bar I could not partake of.

The dance floor I definitely did break it down on.

Things really got going when the Macarena started.

And they're still going.
The ever-lovely Erin {and me}, post-party, fresh as peppermints, so happy it's over.